Advanced Directives


This facility does not provide implementation of advanced directives, however, the following protocol is in place:sidebar_img_surgery_doc

  • This facility will post information at the front desk regarding our policy on advance directives.
  • All patients will be asked if they have advance directives.
  • All patients are given information regarding CSCE advance directives prior to their surgery date.
  • All patients will be informed that this facility does not honor advance directives.
  • All patients who present with advance directive (DNR order) will be asked to sign a waiver stating, “ while at CSCE the DNR order will not be honored”.
  • A copy of the advance directive, if applicable, will be placed in the patients chart.
  • All patients in life threatening situations will have life sustained at this facility and be transferred to the hospital via ambulance.

A copy of the chart (to include the advance directive waiver, if applicable) will be transferred with the patient to the hospital.